Why Trash Can Cleaning?

Professional Trash Can Cleaning
We started Tidy Trash Cans because we saw a problem that needed solving. These new 60 to 100 gallon trash cans are just too bulky to scrub, and way too expensive and bad for the environment to just throw away when they get nasty! Tidy Trash Cans is an eco-friendly, cost-effective trash can cleaning company that helps homeowners just like you, get rid of dirt, dangerous bacteria and germs in your trash and recycle bins. Protecting your family and community from rodent problems, stinky trash smells and germs is our mission. As a family owned and veteran operated company we service the communities we live in. All you have to do is leave your trash and recycling bins at the curb the day after trash day and you’ll come back to bins that are clean and sparkly. Discover facts about Professional Trash Can Cleaning
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