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Professional Trash Can Cleaning

Why Trash Can Cleaning?

We started Tidy Trash Cans because we saw a problem that needed solving. These new 60 to 100 gallon trash cans are just too bulky to scrub, and way too expensive and bad for the environment to just throw away when they get nasty!

During the hot Ohio summer months, it is not uncommon for us to get multiple calls every day from desperate homeowners who discovered their trash cans are full of maggots. The flies are attracted to your garbage cans by the stinky trash odor, because trash is a great place for them to lay their eggs- that way when the larva hatch, there is a plentiful food source available. These eggs hatch just days after they are laid, and your garbage can be swarming with thousands of maggots, and millions of germs in no time!


Tidy Trash Cans is an eco-friendly, cost-effective trash can cleaning company that helps homeowners just like you get rid of dirt, dangerous bacteria and germs in your trash and recycle bins. Our mission is to protect your family and community from rodent problems, stinky trash smells and germs.

Trash Can Cleaning

Tidy Trash cans is committed to using eco friendly practices and as a result, we typically can get even the grossest of cans clean with absolutlely no chemicals- Our custom built trash can cleaning trailer heats the water to approximately 220 degrees, and blasts the germs and grime out of your trash can with a high pressure, steam rated cleaning head that sprays every inch of the inside of your trash can at approximately 3,000 PSI.

This effectively removes and kills any odor causing bacteria that may be lurking inside your garbage can, leaving it smelling fresh for weeks!

As a family owned and veteran operated company we service the communities we live in. All you have to do is leave your trash and recycling bins at the curb the day after trash day and you’ll come back to bins that are clean and sparkly. Discover facts about Professional Trash Can Cleaning

Meet the Owners

Meet your Trash Can Cleaning Team- The leitch Family!

Hi! We are the Leitch Family, we are residents of Columbia Station and a proud military family.  Matt began his military career in 2000 as a U.S. Marine serving on active duty.  After leaving active duty in 2008, Matt Joined the Air National guard and has been serving as a Loadmaster on C-130’s ever since.   

As Matt was nearing the end of his military career and retirement in 2021, we decided it was time to launch our company Tidy Trash Cans, and we are looking forward to serving you! Over the last 2 years Matt has designed and fabricated 2 custom trailers and grown from a company that was just an idea into the areas highest rated Trash Can Cleaning Company.  We recently hired our first full time operator to help with the cleanings!  

If you call the office, its likely you will reach Kim, in additon to being a mom to our 3 children, Kim does most of the scheduling, billing and customer service.  While Matt oversees the daily operations, including maintenance and supervising the routes we are cleaning each day.  

Our Children Caleb, Brendan and Gracie help with parades, community events, and sometimes they even pitch in and help with the cleaning!  Caleb is looking forward to running his own truck after he graduates high school.  We can’t wait to serve you, and look forward to helping you make your gross, stinky garbage cans smell fresh and look great!  We will show up the day after your trash is picked up and take care of those stinky cans for you, we haul away all the dirty water and leave you with a fresh smelling garbage can!