Frequently Asked Questions

Do you close for the winter? 

Nope!  Germs don’t take the winter off, so we don’t either!  We do however ask that you be understanding.  We are working with water and highly specialized equipment if its too cold to operate safely, we will post-pone a route by a week.   We try to communicate these delays as soon as we become aware of them. 

Why should I have my garbage cans cleaned?

Have you taken a look, or better yet a whiff of them lately? Yikes. Nobody likes to dry heave when they are tossing garbage in the can. It’s totally disgusting and only a matter of time before you start breeding maggots. We simply have to help you out.

What type of garbage cans do you clean?

Our trucks are set up to clean the garbage cans most local garbage services provide for their members. We very rarely run into any issues in this area.

How does the cleaning process work?

We begin cleaning the exterior, and removing any trash left behind.  Then we inspect and document any existing damage to the cans, before lifting them onto the wash rack where the inside cleaned and sanitized with  is sprayed with a high pressure, high-temperature water. Once thoroughly cleaned, we lower the can and reinspect to ensure cleanliness. 

The final step is to deodorize the entire can using a proprietary blend of eco-friendly essential oils.

Do I need to be home?

It’s totally fine if you aren’t at home. You will need to make sure your cans are pulled to the street and we will have them squeaky clean and returned to your garage or side yard when you return home.

Are you environmentally friendly?

Yes. We use zero toxic substances when cleaning the cans. We pressure wash your cans with hot water heated to 210 degrees. All the water from inside the dirty cans is collected in our truck and disposed of properly.

When will you clean my garbage cans?

We clean your cans the day after your trash has been picked up. If your trash is picked up on Monday, we will clean your cans on Tuesday. We ask that you have your cans at the street for cleaning.

How will I know that my cans have been cleaned?

We will send you a text letting you know your cans have been cleaned once we complete the process.

What if there is garbage in my can?

We ask that you have your cans completely empty on your scheduled cleaning day. We will do our best to assist you, however if your can is full we will contact you to work out arrangements for cleaning on a different day.

Can you work with HOAs?

Yes. We love to work with HOAs. Who wouldn’t want to live in a neighborhood with a garbage can cleaning service. Most amazing perk ever.

How can I pay?

We take all major credit cards, and can bill on a monthly, or annual basis.  Just let us know what works best for you!

Are you on social media, I would love to tag you in a clean can post?

Heck yeah we are on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok @tidytrashcans. We can’t wait to see pictures of your sparkling cans.

Do you have a referral program?

Absolutely!  Each customer has a unique sign-up link, and automatically gets a $5 credit every time it get used!