Westlake Ohio Trash Can Cleaning!

Tidy Trash Cans is the #1 Choice in Westlake Ohio for proffesional trash can cleaning!

When People in Westlake Ohio need Trash Can Cleaing, they turn to the #1 Service provider: Tidy Trash Cans!  Our custom-built trailer comes to you and cleans those stinky garbage cans while you are at work!  Our Eco-Friendly process uses no harsh chemicals and collects all the dirty water to be hauled away to the wastewater treatment facility.  Many of our competitors simply dump the dirty water at the curb where it will run into the storm sewer- and ultimately our rivers and lakes.   We use nothing but Steaming hot water, and high pressure to clean and sanitize your trash cans, leaving them looking, and most importantly- Smelling like new!  We offer Quarterly, Monthly, and One time cleanings in Westlake Ohio and surrounding areas.  Our #1 rated service is offered with no contract or commitment!  Click below to view our pricing