3 of the Worst Things That Could Be Growing In Your Trash Can

Your trash can is conveniently one of the most neglected household utilities you have. Every day, you throw your leftover breakfast, the part of your lunch that you really did not want and the dinner your mom cooked right into the garbage to be forgotten. You’re accustomed to throwing away the trash bag once it becomes smelly, yet how often do you clean your bin? We’re afraid to even ask about your outside trash can. While cleaning your trash bin routinely isn’t on your mind, we wish to advise you that disinfecting your trash bins is vital to your health and wellness. Here’s why we Sanitize Trash Bins:

Your trashcan is worth of to be cleaned similar to every other home device. Without cleaning, most can anticipate their can to stink, and on a warm summer’s day, it isn’t appealing. We focus on freshness and can help you get on track with regular cleanings. But initially, let’s go into a few reasons that you need to tend to your can regularly.

Here are 3 things currently growing in your trash can that you do not want in your residence:


There’s no doubt that germs reside on your outside trash can. Every day, we throw away our scraps, and our regional garbage team gets rid of them. No matter if your garbage is shielded by a bag, you still run the risk of spreading germs. According to studies, a survey shows that there are more than 411 million microorganisms per square inch on a typical family home’s bin. To compare, that’s more germs than what lives on your bathroom light switch, toilet seat, and flush handle. Some of the most common microorganisms residing in your garbage container are E.Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.

Salmonella is bacteria that is typically discovered in raw meat, uncooked poultry, or eggs. Those infected can experience side effects such as fever, migraines, diarrhea, and nausea. Victims of E.Coli and Listeria poisoning experience similar side effects including dehydration. To stay clear of poisoning, it’s best to clean your garbage can once a week.


Maggots are one the most common insects located at the bottom of outside trash bins. They are the larva of different species of flies including houseflies, cheese flies, and blowflies. These tiny white insects love to eat rotting food. Maggots enjoy consuming decaying meat particularly and can be hazardous to your health. Maggots can additionally be hazardous to your pet’s health as pet cats and pet dogs are known to dig in the trash.


Viruses are virtually impossible to eliminate. There are home sprays that claim to get rid of 99% of bacteria and viruses, however, can you truly trust an aerosol spray to keep your family from getting ill? Specific infections, consisting of those that cause the cold or flu, can make it through for 48 hours outside of the human body. Your trash can host them. Because viruses live much longer on non-porous surfaces, like your trashcan, without cleaning it routinely, you may be prone to getting sick.

Listen, we understand that cleaning your bin isn’t the most amazing task. However periodically showing your garbage can attention will result in health benefits for you and your family. We take satisfaction in the cleanliness and won’t allow you to touch a dirty container again.

For more information about Tidy Trash Cans or to get a free quote for trash can cleaning visit our website at https://tidytrashcans.com/ or call us at ‪440-207-0562. We strive to be the best trash can washing service in Lorain County, OH. You can trust Tidy Trash Cans to always provide a satisfaction-guaranteed garbage can cleaning service.

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