Trash Can Cleaning Cleveland

We clean your stinky bins! No contract, no commitment. Tidy Trash Cans is a trash can cleaning company in Cleveland, Ohio.  We are an eco-friendly, cost-effective garbage can service that helps people just like you get rid of that slimy, smelly mess that builds up in your garbage and recycling cans. Contact Us

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leave your Trash cans at the curb

We start by inspecting your cans and removing all leftover garbage that gets stuck to the bottom.

High-Pressure, High Temperature Cleaning

Our near boiling water sanitizes as it cleans with no harsh chemicals. Unlike some companies, our system collects the runoff water and we haul it to a treatment more nasty trash can water sitting at your curb, or worse going into the storm drains!

The Final Result

We will return your garbage cans to your side yard or driveway - clean, sanitized and smelling so great!


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